Parlez-moi de Paris apartment finder fees

Professional apartment finder fees: no administration fees, no advance payments

At Parlez-moi de Paris, you pay only when we have found you your dream apartment.

Our fees:

  • 2,5% for an acquisition of property up to 1.000.000 €
  • 2% for an acquisition of property over 1.000.000 €

*Percentage of sale price, including tax. Minimum fee of €10,000.

Parlez-moi de Paris negotiates the best purchase price: 10% of the reduction negotiated will be allocated to your apartment finder. This means you and your property finder share the same interests. The more you save, the more they earn.

An example illustrates this perfectly:

Apartment sale price: €530.000.

Without negotiation
Search fees: €13,250
Total cost: €543,250

With 5% negotiated decrease
Sale price: €503,500
Search fees: €15,237
Total cost: €518,737

You save : €24.263
 and your apartment finder is better compensated. It’s a win-win partnership!

Some frequently asked questions

Do you charge different fees for a property sold by an agency and one sold directly by the owner?

We have a single rate for the two situations. As such, our property finders are not pushed to prefer one type of seller over another.
Furthermore, we have noted over 10 years that individual sellers tend to use the sale price of agencies, including the fees.
The prices in both cases are therefore fairly similar.

What contract do you sign with buyers?

We work with you to create a detailed list of specifications that incorporate your wishes and market realities, which we know very well.

We meet with you in your home to better understand your tastes and expectations.

Finally, we sign an exclusive, three-month search agreement.

Who leads the negotiations for a property?

This is up to you. We can of course negotiate for you.
In all cases, we will supply you with the reference prices for similar apartments from the notary database..

What happens if you do not find an apartment?

If we confirm the feasibility of your search from the outset, there is no reason that we will not find one for you.
If you want to cancel or suspend your search, no fees will be owed.
You only pay if you buy the apartment that Parlez-moi de Paris has found for you.

Do your fees cover all your services?

Yes. The property-search contract includes assistance in arranging finance, the search, negotiation assistance, sales contract preparation, introductions to architects, tradespeople, decorators, removal firms, etc.

I want to end the property-search contract. How do I do that?

The contract lasts three months.
After this time, just tell us you are cancelling by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the following address:
Parlez-moi de Paris, 38 rue Henri Martin, 92170 Vanves
The contract terminates 15 days after receipt of the letter.

What is Parlez-moi de Paris?

Expert advice

Expert advice

Best price guaranteed

Best price guaranteed

Precious time saved

Precious time saved

Personalised searches

Personalised searches

No administration fees. No advance payment. You only pay if there is a deal

Services of a property finder at the best price

Do you want to purchase a property fast? But you lack the time and market knowledge to set out on this road? You can rely on our agency of property finders to get you the apartment or house of your dreams. The fee of a property finder depends on your budget and the services chosen.

How much is our property finder’s fee?

The property finder’s rate stated in your contract includes all our services: searching, negotiating, closing the deed of sale, putting you in contact with service providers, etc.

The prices differ for sales and leases. The professional property finder’s fee is 2.5% (including tax) of your purchase price. To incentivise the apartment finder to negotiate the best deal, 10% of the reduction negotiated will be allocated to them in fees (see example above). In the case of a lease, the fee is 15% of the total year’s rent

We are committed to finding you your dream place within three months, the time limit of our exclusive search contract. However, if you wish to suspend or end the search, no fees will be charged. Just send us a registered letter with this request and the contract will be cancelled.

We are committed to finding you your dream place within three months: the time limit of our exclusive search contract. However, if you wish to suspend or end the search, no fees will be charged. Just send us a registered letter with this request and the contract will be cancelled.

Efficient and fair property transfers

Parlez-moi de Paris charges a single property finder rate whether the apartment is sold directly by the owner or through an intermediary. This way you are guaranteed that our finders show you all types of properties and are not influenced during their search.

We do not have any financial agreement or partnership with other estate agencies; we remain independent and forthright for the sake of our customers.

You decide who will lead the negotiations for the property: you, alone or with our support, or us entirely. In any case we are at your service and will provide you with all the essential information for a successful negotiation.

We will find the property that suits you

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