Why ask a real estate hunter in the 6th arrondissement?

The Real estate hunter brings its expertise to purchasers, thus creating a relationship of trust. The Apartment hunter must have the eyes of theshopper and then be able to guide him in his choice and help him make the right decision for his Buying real estate. Its services are valuable and represent a gain in time and efficiency in finding a accommodation in Paris 6th, in the best neighbourhoods And at the best prizes.

What are the popular neighborhoods in the 6th arrondissement?

The 6th arrondissement, and especially the ward Saint-Germain des Prés, represents the heart of elegance and refinement parisian, combining impressive architecture, ancient houses, green terraces and the picturesque Luxembourg Gardens.

Discover the neighbourhoods the most popular of 6th arrondissement, where the real estate hunters centralize their research:

  • Odeon. The ward of the Odéon is very lively, numerous bars, restaurants and cinemas line these small streets full of charm. The Saint-Sulpice church also stands in this ward. The ward de l'Odéon is also known for its famous Luxembourg Garden.
  • Notre-Dame-des-Champs. The ward Notre-Dame-des-Champs has maintained its religious traditions. Among its famous streets are the rue du Montparnasse and the rue d'Assas which lead to the garden.
  • Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Artistic and very lively, the ward Saint-Germain des Prés is the most chic of the Capital. It is full of numerous bookstores, art galleries, and renowned restaurants. Saint-Germain Abbey is a magnificent place of worship nestled in the heart of ward.
  • Currency. The ward de la Monnaie is renowned for being one of the most literary in the capital. Of course, there are booksellers, but also kiosks and antique shops on wharves that give a typical charm to paris.

In the field realty, of properties ancient and bourgeois, as well as historical monuments such as the Hôtel de la Monnaie or the Palais de l'Institut, remain in this borough.

What are the most coveted seats in the 6th?

Our Paris 6 apartment hunters are looking for your real estate on the various famous places:

  • The Place de l'Odéon
  • La Place du Québec
  • Michel Debré Square
  • Place Saint-Andre des Arts
  • Place Saint-Germain des Prés
  • Saint-Sulpice Square
  • The Carrefour de l'Odéon
  • The Red Cross Crossroads

What are the real estate prices in the 6th arrondissement?

Les Real estate prices in the 6th arrondissement are very high, with prices that can easily exceed 18,000 euros from square meter. However, price increases seem to be slowing in recent years.

The architecture is very elegant and mainly Haussmannian with numerous flats family homes bordered by large balconies offering for the best placed an unobstructed view of the Seine or the Luxembourg Garden.

Do you need a real estate hunter to find a property in the 6th arrondissement?

The answer is yes. With the market being tight, the real estate sell very quickly, sometimes even without being visible as being on sale. That's where the Real estate hunter intervenes with its network and its broad skills. Without it, it will be almost impossible for you to find a housing in this popular sector.

As soon as the property is found and visited, the Real estate hunter will also be your ally in establishing a purchase proposal in accordance with the market of this borough. His knowledge of neighbourhoods, as well as supply and demand in the 6th arrondissement, will allow you not to miss out on the property of your dreams.

At Parlemoi de Paris, our real estate hunters are always at the forefront to offer you a quality service in your research and thus allow you to become proprietary In the 6th arrondissement.

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After several months of research (in a very targeted neighborhood), I decided to call on Parlez moi de Paris to get out of this spiral of visits that were not successful. An investment that proved to be very effective since I made an offer at the end of the 5th visit.

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Great experience with Parlez moi de Paris. Patrick is a professional who accompanies his clients very well in the search for their future place to live. Very attentive, he creates a favourable environment that encourages exchanges with the various stakeholders.

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We have established a partnership with Parlez moi de Paris for all the acquisition searches in Paris of our clients that we cannot support. I guarantee the seriousness, the sympathy and the expertise of Patrick and his teams. The research mission is carried out with efficiency and kindness. I recommend.

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