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To the north of Paris is the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It is known for its bohemian atmosphere, its picturesque streets and especially for Montmartre, one of the most famous tourist sites in Paris. A historically popular district, it has become one of the micro-Parisian real estate markets the most active. It consists of very different neighborhoods in which Real estate prices are very far apart. This article offers you an overview of this eclectic district that is increasingly in demand by Parisians and foreign buyers.

A bit of history

The 18th arrondissement, synonymous with creativity and diversity, has a history that dates back well before its famous artistic era. The origins are rooted in the rural and wine-growing fabric of the region. Montmartre, with its vineyards and windmills, evoked a simpler time, far from urban hustle and bustle. This tranquility attracted the first artists and intellectuals in search of tranquility and inspiration, thus laying the groundwork for an artistic tradition that would define the neighborhood.

During the 19th century,industrialization and expansion of Paris under the Second Empire led to major social and urban transformations. Montmartre, integrated into the city in 1860, became a place of refuge for those who felt alienated by the new face of Paris. This period saw the emergence of cabarets, cafes and entertainment venues that would become iconic, such as The Black Cat and The Moulin Rouge.

The most dramatic episode in the history of the 18th century was undoubtedly the Paris Commune of 1871, when Montmartre became one of the epicentres of the revolt. La Butte Montmartre, with its cannons, symbolizes the resistance of the Communards against the Conservative government of the time. This moment of intense struggle marks theIdentity of the district.


The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century represent the artistic golden age of Montmartre. Renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec are drawn to the liberal atmosphere and the beauty of the neighborhood. They contribute to establishing Montmartre as a global center of art and innovation. However, this period also marks the beginning of a gentrification process that will slowly transform the face of the neighborhood.

Over time, the 18th arrondissement continues to evolve, reflecting the social and cultural changes in Paris. After the two world wars, the neighborhood experienced new waves of immigration, enriching its cultural diversity. In particular, Goutte d'Or is becoming a melting pot of cultures, with a strong presence of communities from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

The districts of the 18th arrondissement of Paris: a Parisian kaleidoscope

The 18th arrondissement of Paris is a veritable kaleidoscope of neighborhoods with distinct atmospheres, offering a unique mosaic of Parisian life.

Montmartre and the Abbesses

Perched on its mound, attract attention with its Sacré-Coeur Basilica and its picturesque streets. It is one of the most tourist spots in Paris. However, tourist activity is exclusively concentrated on the square of Tertre and Sacré-Coeur. Historic district of artists, it maintains a bohemian charm and a festive atmosphere, punctuated by the numerous restaurants, cafes and cabarets. Real estate prices are high and can reach new heights for apartments, houses, or workshops with views. exceptional in Paris.

La Goutte-d'Or

Below Montmartre, vibrates with multicultural energy. Its colorful grocery stores, its restaurants with flavors from around the world and its shops with exotic accents make it a real melting pot, where communities from diverse backgrounds live side by side. With La Chapelle, they are among the cheapest neighborhoods in Paris.


La western part of Montmartre is distinguished by its tourist and commercial activity. It is the district of the St Pierre market, of the 18th century town hall, from the Clignancourt square. The prices are affordable in a very pleasant district of Paris.


La Chapelle

Located north of 18th arrondissement, is distinguished by its industrial past and its urban renewal. Formerly marked by the presence of train stations and train depots, the district is now transformed into an attractive and modern place to live.

Les Grandes-Carrières

Located east of 18th arrondissement, constitute a more discreet neighborhood, punctuated by Haussmann buildings and small tree-lined squares. It is a family and popular neighborhood, where artisans, traders and families live side by side. Very sought after because it offers more affordable prices than Les Abbesses and is located a “stone's throw” from this trendy neighborhood.

achat appartement 18ème arrondissement

The real estate market in the 18th arrondissement: a very mixed dynamism

The Real estate market in the 18th arrondissement of Paris is characterized by its dynamism and diversity. Indeed, it offers a wide range of properties, ranging from old apartments, houses, workshops, through new buildings, at various prices.

The average price per m2

It was around 9,000 €/m2 in March 2024, with significant variations, depending on the neighborhood. The most expensive neighborhoods are those located in the south of the arrondissement, such as Montmartre and Abbesses, where average prices are around €12,500/m2. Exceptional apartments and houses can be sold at prices around €30,000 per m2. The most affordable neighborhoods are in the north, such as La Chapelle and Marx Dormoy where prices range between €6,000 and €8,000 per m2 on average.

ATTENTION: It is necessary to interpret the average prices per m2 correctly. Patrick, real estate hunter at Parlemoi de Paris, explains this point to us in A quick video.

A perfect district for many buyers

The 18th arrondissement will delight many buyers. Those looking for a “village” atmosphere will head to Montmartre, the Abbesses or the 18th arrondissement town hall. For those looking for affordable prices, Clignancourt and La Goutte d'Or will be perfect. Families will head to Grandes Carrières and Mairie du 18th arrondissement.

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