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The 11th district of Paris, often called the district of Popincourt, is located on the right bank of the Seine. Marked by a rich history, a vibrant cultural life and a great gastronomic diversity, this district perfectly embodies the Parisian spirit.

A bit of history on the 11th arrondissement of Paris

The History of the 11th district of Paris is a reflection of the social, economic and political transformations of the French capital over the centuries. Initially composed of agricultural land and small villages, this territory has experienced a Accelerated urbanization from the 17th century, with the development of crafts and small industries. This evolution intensified in the 19th century when the 11th became an important center of Parisian industry, especially in the fields of metallurgy, mechanics and jewelry.

During the French Revolution, the 11th district played a significant role. Its inhabitants, often from the popular and working classes, were particularly active in revolutionary events. Les Faubourgs Saint-Antoine and from La Roquette, for example, have been hotbeds of protest and mobilization against the established order.

The 11th district was also marked by the Barricades of the Paris Commune in 1871, illustrating his insurrectional spirit and his commitment to the ideals of freedom and social justice.

Industrialization and urbanization have profoundly transformed the landscape of the 11th district. The construction of vast residential complexes in the 20th century replaced workshops and factories, changing the social composition of the neighborhood. However, this transformation did not erase the district's rich historical and cultural heritage. Covered passages, workshop courtyards and rehabilitated industrial buildings bear witness to its working-class and artisanal past.

The 11st district is also the site of memory of several recent tragic events, such as the attacks in January and November 2015, which affected the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo And the Bataclan concert hall.

The four neighborhoods of the 11th district

le 11ème arrondissement de paris

The 11th district is divided into four administrative districts: Folie-Méricourt, Saint-Ambroise, La Roquette and Sainte-Marguerite. Each has its own character, of the Village atmosphere of Sainte-Marguerite To thecreative excitement in La Roquette.

La Folie-Méricourt

La Folie-Méricourt is often associated with its young and dynamic atmosphere. This neighborhood, which extends around Oberkampf Street, is known for its creative spirit and vibrant nightlife. Cafes, artist studios and startups abound there, reflecting the entrepreneurial and artistic energy of the neighborhood. La Folie-Méricourt, with its social diversity and cultural vitality, embodies the Urban renewal of the 11th district.


Around the church Saint-Ambroise, this neighborhood is marked by a quieter and residential atmosphere. However, he is no slouch when it comes to culture and history. The famous Cirque d'Hiver, a historic monument from the end of the 19th century, finds its place there, offering varied and captivating shows. Saint-Ambroise is also distinguished by its charming square Maurice Gardette, offering an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Paris.

La Roquette

La Roquette is a neighborhood with a tumultuous past, once associated with Petite Roquette and Grande Roquette Prisons. Today, that past has been transformed into a community spirit and a rich neighborhood life. Rue de la Roquette, which leads from the Place de la Bastille at Père Lachaise Cemetery, is lined with restaurants, bars and shops, testifying to the commercial vitality and dynamism of the neighborhood.


The Sainte-Marguerite district, more discreet, is characterized by its quiet streets and charming little squares. It is a neighborhood where history makes itself felt, with hidden passages and courtyards that evoke the Paris of yesteryear. Sainte-Marguerite offers a harmonious blend of family homes, local shops and artisan workshops, maintaining a village spirit in the heart of the city.

The real estate market in the 11th district of Paris

The 11th district real estate market is very dynamic, testifying to the attractiveness of this district. Housing prices there have risen sharply over the last twenty years, reflecting the growing demand to live in a neighborhood that is central, lively and rich in services.

acheter dans le 11ème arrondissement de paris

Culture in the 11th district

La Culture in the 11th district of Paris is as rich and varied as its inhabitants. This district, considered to be one of the most dynamic and eclectic in the capital, offers a vibrant cultural panorama.

Theaters and performance halls

The 11th district is home to a multitude of theaters and performance halls: the Bataclan, with its rich and sometimes tragic history, remains an emblematic place for music and the performing arts. Other spaces like the House of Steelworkers Or the Bastille Theater offer varied programs ranging from contemporary theater to dance, including exhibitions and conferences, attracting a diverse and curious audience.

Art Galleries and Artist Workshops

Les art galleries and artist studios blossom in the alleys and hidden courtyards of 11th district. Painters, sculptors, photographers and creators from all walks of life share their work with the public. The proximity of the workshops allows direct interaction between artists and their audience, promoting a lively and accessible artistic scene.

Cultural Events and Festivals

The district is also the scene of numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year. The Onze Bouge Festival is an example of this excitement, offering a stage for young talent in fields as varied as music, theater, dance or the visual arts. We can also mention the Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain de la Bastille de Printemps. These events contribute to making the 11th a place for discovery and cultural innovation.

Libraries in the 11th district of Paris

Les independent bookstores Are one of pillars of the cultural life of the 11th district. Places of encounter and exchange, they offer a space for reading, thinking and discussing various themes, from literature to politics, including art and philosophy. Bookstores like Les Mots à la Bouche or The Friche are institutions, enriching the Cultural fabric of the district.

Gastronomy and nightlife

La gastronomy and nightlife are two of the biggest attractions of 11th district. With its numerous restaurants, bistros, bars, and clubs, the district offers an incredible variety of world cuisines and atmospheres to go out. From Oberkampf Street, known for its bars, to Michelin-starred gastronomic tables, to so many first-class restaurants and bars, the 11th arrondissement has something for everyone.


The 11th district is well-endowed when it comes to education, with numerous schools, colleges, and high schools, as well as institutions specializing in the arts, music, and theater. This diversified educational offer makes it possible to meet the needs of a heterogeneous population and to contribute to the training of the next generation.

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