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L'équipe de Parlez-moi de Paris

Patrick founded Parlez-moi de Paris in 2009

When buying his own home, he discovered a need in the market. So often in French real estate, the seller has an agent, but the buyer doesn’t. And yet, finding a property requires time, and buying real estate comes with all sorts of risks. Buyers are often at a disadvantage when dealing with the scattered Parisian market and professional agents prioritizing the interests of sellers. Hence came the idea of specifically catering to buyers’ needs with a new agency: Parlez-moi de Paris. After receiving training in real estate law, Patrick obtained a professional real estate license. Since the buyer’s agency business was still in its unaccustomed, Parlez-moi de Paris had to establish rules and practices, explain the new service, regulated by France’s Hoguet Law, to prospective clients, and gain acceptance for the agency’s services in a real estate market that remained skeptical. Little by little, buyer’s agents have gained the recognition they deserve among the players in the Parisian real estate market. Rather than hiring numerous agents, Patrick has opted to work only with close associates, sharing with them his idea for bespoke services founded on availability to clients and technical expertise with transactions.

What we do

Today, Parlez-moi de Paris offers comprehensive support for purchasing real estate. You can count on us at every stage of the process (viewing, offer to purchase, signing of the sale agreement, signing of the final deed of sale).

Where we work

We mainly operate in Paris, as well as its inner and outer suburbs. Within the agency, each agent has one or more specialty areas in which they work on a daily basis. Each agent has their own style and expertise, contributing to Parlez-moi de Paris’ distinctive identity among buyer agencies.

Who we serve

Our services are available to French and international clients, lifelong Parisians, as well as newcomers, whether they’re looking to buy a pied-à-terre or their main residence. We support first-time buyers, owners looking for an upgrade, and investors. We can adapt our searches to all kinds and sizes of homes, from studios to stately properties.

Parlez-moi de Paris is a member of the French Federation of Buyer Agents (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs Immobiliers).

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For over 15 years, our commitment has been to ensure that you find a home that fits your unique lifestyle

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Our customers are in the best position to talk about us

After several months of research (in a very targeted neighborhood), I decided to call on Parlez moi de Paris to get out of this spiral of visits that were not successful. An investment that proved to be very effective since I made an offer at the end of the 5th visit.

Mathilde Dyseryn

Great experience with Parlez moi de Paris. Patrick is a professional who accompanies his clients very well in the search for their future place to live. Very attentive, he creates a favourable environment that encourages exchanges with the various stakeholders.

Gilles Gonzalez Xerri

We have established a partnership with Parlez moi de Paris for all the acquisition searches in Paris of our clients that we cannot support. I guarantee the seriousness, the sympathy and the expertise of Patrick and his teams. The research mission is carried out with efficiency and kindness. I recommend.

Thomas Salles
Are you in need of assistance to make your project a reality?
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