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Quick and responsive

Our property finders take 57 days on average to find their customers the property they want to buy.

Such efficiency is no accident. It is the result of a research method that combines perfect market knowledge, a network of 1,200 estate agencies and the employment of accurate tools.

Preview off-market properties

We can browse the entire market thanks to our specialised software.

As soon as we identify a property for you, a viewing is arranged.
Only the flats matching your tastes are suggested to you.

Property advice and expertise

Your advisor knows the property market like the back of their hand.

To give you a better negotiation vantage point, your advisor will provide you with market prices from the notary database.
Your property finder knows finding a place is only half the battle. They can also assist you with finance applications, advise you on legal issues and quotes for remodelling work.

What is Parlez-moi de Paris?

Expert advice

Expert advice

Best price guaranteed

Best price guaranteed

Precious time saved

Precious time saved

Personalised searches

Personalised searches

No administration fees. No advance payment. You only pay if there is a deal

Purchasing a property: a safe bet

Are you looking to invest in property in the French capital? You’re on the right track: the Parisian property market is attractive and is stable compared with other French cities where the market can undergo sharp downturns.

Purchasing an apartment in Paris can be a safe bet; it is a good investment strategy to invest in the building blocks of a dynamic, tourist city.

How can you buy an apartment in the capital?

Are you looking to buy a Parisian apartment to rent out? In that case, ask yourself what does a person who wants to live in the capital look for? Is it tranquillity, natural light, high ceilings, a lift, a terrace?

If you want to buy an apartment to be your home, then you can describe all your needs and wants to one of our expert property finders. We will take care of finding you properties that match your expectations. We work so hard for our customers that they usually have their place within a record 57 days!

To purchase a property in the capital, you will also need an adequate budget for the particular location and the specific features of the apartment. Finally, the greater the standard of living offered by the apartment, the greater its value and its resistance to any volatility in the property market.

Gain access to key information for your purchase

Your expert property finders will provide you with all the necessary information to buy an apartment in Paris.

From monitoring the property market to viewings and signing the contracts, we are with you every step of the way. We can advise you on the area and neighbourhood to choose, and assess the apartment price with you in light of the current market prices.

Beware of websites that estimate the purchase and market prices of your property: they cannot replace the advice of experts who take into account specific factors at the time of the estimate. Place your trust in us when it comes to buying an apartment in Paris!

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