Negotiating well means buying better

Parlez-moi de Paris can help you accurately determine whether you are in a strong or weak position in the negotiations.

Your advisor knows how best to manage this situation and this will enable you to obtain the best possible terms.

As soon as you like a property, the negotiations begin

If you like an apartment or house from the first viewing, we begin to prepare for the negotiations to come, while remaining neutral and not showing too much enthusiasm.

How many viewers have visited the property? Is the seller in a rush? Why is the property up for sale?
There are many useful questions to give us our bearings.

Don’t forget, the goal of estate agents is to complete a deal as quickly as possible.
Their fees are not greatly affected by a deal below the asking price.

If it is a seller’s market

Few quality properties.
Many possible buyers.

High prices
Quick decisions
Little room to negotiate

If it is a buyer’s market

Many properties for sale
Few potential buyers

Low prices
Slow decisions
Price negotiations

What is Parlez-moi de Paris?

Expert advice

Expert advice

Best price guaranteed

Best price guaranteed

Precious time saved

Precious time saved

Personalised searches

Personalised searches

No administration fees. No advance payment. You only pay if there is a deal

Keys to successful negotiations

Do you want to buy a property at an attractive price even though you don’t have much experience in bargaining? In that case, property negotiations are essential. Our agency’s experts will place all their skills at your disposal so the balance of power and price tilt in your favour.

Perfect knowledge of the property market

Our property finders are successful in property negotiations due to their excellent knowledge of the market. They know how to present your bid regardless of the market favouring buyers or sellers.

In a seller’s market, there are many buyers for very few quality properties: quick action and precision is necessary for negotiations.

As for a buyer’s market, property negotiations are simpler because the properties outnumber the buyers.

A deft hand in negotiations

If you like a property, keep a neutral expression and don’t be too visibly happy during the viewing. You must first find out more about the property and the specific reasons why the seller has decided to part with it.

Your property finder will collect the essential information to place you in the best negotiating position possible. The goal is to complete a successful property transfer.

Property negotiations begin with the preparation of a bid; the property needs to be properly valued since the negotiations will have this as the starting point. Will the bid differ from what the seller might expect? This stage is all about strategy.

Furthermore, remember that negotiations are usually within 5% of the asking price; bids beyond this are quite uncommon. Your property finder will often advise you on offering a bid below what you are prepared to pay because the seller could come back with a counter-offer. However, in certain cases, the property might be highly sought after and at a fair price. Sometimes, it is necessary to buy without negotiating. In all cases, property negotiations require the buyer and the property finder to be highly proactive.

We will find the property that suits you

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