Puteaux is known for hosting the Grande Arche de la Défense and a good part of the La Défense district. The town enjoys a great dynamism among all the other municipalities in the inner suburbs of Paris. Its appeal to young workers or families is explained by a rare quality of life so close to Paris. Are you looking for an apartment in Puteaux without being there or do you have very little time to prospect? Using a real estate hunter offers the comfort of a search carried out by a professional to find the property of your dreams quickly and at the best price. He will also be able to advise you to better know the city, its assets and the neighborhoods in which to settle. The use of this professional in Puteaux is key to the success of your project — especially if you have specific requirements. Before wasting time finding the apartment of your dreams, entrust your project to an apartment hunter in Puteaux. The Parlemoi de Paris hunting team is working to find rare goods that are highly sought after in Puteaux.

Why buy an apartment in Puteaux?

Surrounded by Courbevoie, Nanterre to the north, Suresnes to the south, but also Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine to the east, Puteaux is a city in the near suburbs with direct access to Paris (metro, RER A, bus...), to the beautiful western suburbs and to the banks of the Seine. Thus, the town offers a superb living environment with real estate prices lower than those in the capital or even those of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

The presence of numerous companies and commercial activity centers generates significant job opportunities. This pushes the numerous assets in the Paris region and all over France as well as foreign buyers to settle or invest in the town. This economic activity generates significant revenues (thanks in particular to business taxes) improving the city's infrastructure and the quality of life of Puteolians.

Another motivation for buying in Puteaux, the city has a great diversity of homes — ideal for appealing to the greatest number of investors and to find a property that meets your expectations. There are 3 main districts in Puteaux:

  • The “Bas de Puteaux”
  • The “Haut de Puteaux”
  • The Defense District

With the detached houses on the Hill, the modern apartments near the La Défense district or the charming properties in the city center, everyone can find their dream property in Puteaux!

Find an apartment in Puteaux

The exceptional living environment of Puteaux complicates the task of potential buyers in the town, often young workers or families looking for a pleasant and safe environment in this city in Hauts-de-Seine (92). Indeed, Puteaux is among the most popular (and therefore the most expensive) municipalities in Hauts-de-Seine. In the wake of the intramural Paris market, the real estate market in Puteaux offers excellent potential capital gains... and a rare comfort of life.

If you cannot make yourself available for unannounced visits, do not want to spend your evenings on ad sites or cannot travel, an apartment hunter in Puteaux makes it possible to find a real estate nugget more quickly by making a real estate purchase with complete peace of mind.

Call on an apartment hunter in Puteaux

For more than ten years, the Parlemoi de Paris agency has been at the service of busy, demanding or not present buyers in the Paris region. They get help to carry out their project: to buy a property in the town of Hauts-de-Seine. Beautiful sunny terrace, quiet street, ideally located duplex or beautiful pavilion with garden... demand from your real estate hunter a rare property in Puteaux!

The search for an apartment or a house in Puteaux takes much less time by trusting a real estate hunter. Our experts find the rare pearl in only 57 days on average. The search mandate only ends when we find your happiness. Likewise, you don't have to pay any fees until the transaction takes place. These commitments are guided by the desire to satisfy the desires of all our customers.

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After several months of research (in a very targeted neighborhood), I decided to call on Parlez moi de Paris to get out of this spiral of visits that were not successful. An investment that proved to be very effective since I made an offer at the end of the 5th visit.

Mathilde Dyseryn

Great experience with Parlez moi de Paris. Patrick is a professional who accompanies his clients very well in the search for their future place to live. Very attentive, he creates a favourable environment that encourages exchanges with the various stakeholders.

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We have established a partnership with Parlez moi de Paris for all the acquisition searches in Paris of our clients that we cannot support. I guarantee the seriousness, the sympathy and the expertise of Patrick and his teams. The research mission is carried out with efficiency and kindness. I recommend.

Thomas Salles
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