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In the immediate vicinity of Paris, Nantes and the Bois de Boulogne, the town of Suresnes offers its inhabitants all the advantages of a city with a rare living environment. Do you want to settle or invest in Suresnes? In the inner suburbs, finding the rare pearl remains difficult if you do not have time to prospect or if you do not have the opportunity to travel. Fortunately, you can mandate Parlemoi de Paris, a real estate hunting agency in Suresnes, to search for and find the property of your dreams for you. Discover the services set up by the agency to find your future apartment or your future home.

Why buy an apartment in Suresnes?

Less than 15 minutes from the Arc de Triomphe, Suresnes has the advantage of being close to the most beautiful districts of the capital and to the very large pool of jobs in Paris. The town also benefits from a very pleasant living environment and a more accessible real estate price. It has a prime location in Western Paris, the capital's most popular inner city, surrounded by Saint-Cloud, Rueil-Malmaison, Nanterre and the Bois de Boulogne.

Suresnes attracts young professionals and families looking for a better living environment and a varied real estate offer. The proactive policy of the town hall encourages the installation of families in its town: modern facilities, streamlined urban planning, local shops, low unemployment rates, facilities for all, parks...

Find an apartment in Suresne

The sweetness of life in Suresnes pushes many buyers to invest in this town. A real estate purchase requires being available and on site to avoid that the best properties for sale are sold before you can even visit them. The real estate hunter in Suresnes becomes a valuable help if you have neither the desire nor the opportunity to carry out this project on your own.

This pleasant and lively town in the inner suburbs has 6 distinct neighborhoods:

  • Downtown: The city center is home to the oldest buildings and houses. Harmonious, it remains particularly preserved and maintains a character that the people of Suresnes appreciate. “The English Village” is very popular for the uniqueness of its colorful terraced houses on the banks of the Seine.
  • Mont-Valérien: Between houses and beautiful residences, the neighborhood is quite heterogeneous and the proximity to the mountain and the park offers a magnificent natural environment.
  • République: Bordering Saint-Cloud, the République district hosts a residential area composed of beautiful individual houses along the Seine.
  • Écluse-Belvedere: Over the last few decades, the former industrial district has been transformed into comfortable and modern housing. Quiet and very well located in relation to the city center and the train station, it is also a very sought after area.
  • Freedom: Calm and green, Liberté offers a pleasant environment and numerous pavilions.
  • Cité-Jardins: The garden city of Suresnes was designed in the 1920s or 1930s to accommodate working class populations. The numerous red brick buildings and single-family homes have been renovated over the years and are now prime accommodations.

The city of Hauts-de-Seine includes a wide variety of neighborhoods and real estate. If you want to find an apartment in Suresnes without knowing every nook and cranny, an apartment or house hunter can help you choose the neighborhood where you feel best.

Call on an apartment hunter in Suresne

As a real estate hunter in Paris and Hauts-de-Seine (92), Talk to me about Paris will be able to find the rare property that perfectly matches your search criteria. With more than 10 years of experience in finding apartments in Paris and its inner suburbs, the entire team has a perfect knowledge of the real estate market in Suresnes. This experience allows you to buy at the right price, to take advantage of a professional network and analysis tools so as not to miss any opportunity. Our real estate hunters are committed to understanding your project, your desires and your needs in order to better target properties.

In order to find the rare pearl in Hauts-de-Seine, buyers can entrust their search to a real estate hunter in Suresnes.

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After several months of research (in a very targeted neighborhood), I decided to call on Parlez moi de Paris to get out of this spiral of visits that were not successful. An investment that proved to be very effective since I made an offer at the end of the 5th visit.

Mathilde Dyseryn

Great experience with Parlez moi de Paris. Patrick is a professional who accompanies his clients very well in the search for their future place to live. Very attentive, he creates a favourable environment that encourages exchanges with the various stakeholders.

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We have established a partnership with Parlez moi de Paris for all the acquisition searches in Paris of our clients that we cannot support. I guarantee the seriousness, the sympathy and the expertise of Patrick and his teams. The research mission is carried out with efficiency and kindness. I recommend.

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