Do you need a real estate hunter in Paris?

Finding an apartment in Paris is a complex task that requires time, knowledge and a presence on site. In this context, the intervention of a real estate hunter can be valuable.

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However, most buyers are not accompanied by a Real estate hunter to find their apartment or loft in Paris. So why do some buyers use the services of a Parisian real estate hunter ? Why has this profession existed for only twenty years? Which buyers can benefit from being accompanied by a Real estate hunter in Paris ? What does it offer? Is the cost of his fees profitable? What is its mission? What are its advantages and limitations? What should we expect from it?

Before answering all of these questions, I offer you a quick overview of Parisian real estate market. Indeed, the profession of Real estate hunter was born from its specificity and from the cruel lack of support for buyers.

Patrick explains which buyers need a property hunter

Birth of the profession of real estate hunter in the Parisian real estate market

A euphoric real estate market between 2000 and 2020

La Birth of the profession of real estate hunter In the Parisian real estate market can be attributed to the complex evolution of this market and to the growing need for personalized services for buyers. Paris has always been a center of intense real estate activity, with its dynamic market and local specificities. The 2000s marked a turning point with a significant increase in demand and a Soaring prices : between 2000 and 2200 the prices of Old Parisian apartments increased by + 275%.

Real estate agents concerned above all with sellers

In this context, it is easy to understand that the hand was on the side of the sellers. Shoppers had to make quick buying decisions if they didn't want to see the Real estate coveted to escape them. In the complex legal universe that represents Buying an apartment, many buyers were struggling to make a quick decision when the financial stakes are so high. Especially since the real estate agents, carried away by the euphoria of a thriving market, focused their attention on sellers courted from all sides by the competition. Les Real estate was selling at lightning speed : little time to devote to buyers.


Real estate agencies that collaborate very little with each other

However, there is another factor that may be even more favorable to Birth of the profession of real estate hunter in Paris, is the way in which real estate agencies collaborate with each other; or rather, collaborate very little with each other. Paris has thousands ofreal estate agencies. Each has its own real estate for sale. Impossible for a buyer to contact all the real estate agencies likely to sell the apartment they are looking for. On average, between 300 and 400 agencies would have had to be contacted. When you know that a useful call to an agency takes about 20 minutes.

For buyers, on the Parisian real estate market, the information is not centralized, it is exploded into several thousand entities.

Birth of the real estate hunter in Paris

It's in Paris, on the The most successful real estate market in France, but also the most complex, which emerged in the 2000s the profession of Real estate hunter. The aim was to fill the gap in services and support for buyers. Les first real estate hunting agencies in Paris offered to support and advise the buyer in this complex and competitive market. The proposal was to make the purchase pleasant for him, to limit the time he should devote to it, to provide him with in-depth knowledge of the acquisition process so that he could make a purchase in the best possible conditions. The Real estate hunter proposed to put the buyer first, whereas until now he had been considered “the last wheel in the cart”.

The The job of real estate hunter has filled a void, offering local expertise, privileged access to ads, broad contact with Parisian real estate agencies and a deep understanding of the specific needs of buyers who are geographically remote, pressed for time or in need of support.

Why do some buyers use the services of a Parisian real estate hunter?

Some purchasers use the services of a Parisian real estate hunter for multiple reasons, mainly related to the efficiency, expertise and personalization of the service. Having the support of a professional who masters local subtleties, market trends and the network of real estate agents is a considerable asset. Les real estate hunters offer valuable time savings, by filtering the goods, according to strict criteria and by pre-selecting only those that correspond to the needs and desires of the buyer. They also provide added value in terms of negotiation, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market, which can lead to more financially advantageous transactions. In addition, for international customers or those based outside of Paris, the Real estate hunter acts as an indispensable local representative, capable of managing all stages of the buying process, from research to signing, including administrative and legal procedures. In summary, call on a Parisian real estate hunter, means benefiting from a tailor-made service that maximizes the chances of finding the ideal property, while minimizing the effort and time invested.

Real estate hunter: is it a “niche” job?

Yes, absolutely. The main reason is the cost. Approximately 2 to 3% of the purchase price, even if the fees are paid upon success. The segment of buyers likely to find an obvious interest in the offer offered by real estate hunters in Paris is represented by active buyers in need of time, people who are not present or buyers who want support.

I suggest that you look in detail at the advantages that these three categories of buyers can derive from engaging a Real estate hunterR.

The categories of buyers accompanied by a real estate hunter in Paris

Looking for an apartment in Paris when you're running out of time

La Looking for an apartment in Paris takes time, a lot of time. For those who want to avoid this, the solution proposed by the Apartment hunter is relevant. The time will be saved primarily on the search for the apartment or the house: contact with real estate agencies, consultation of ads, selection of them, verification, preparation of visits, avoid unnecessary visits, etc.

But, the reduction in time also affects the overall efficiency of the process that the Real estate hunter : validation of financing, verification of the adequacy of budget/specifications, support during negotiation, signing of contracts, putting in contact with architects, etc. These are the least visible aspects, because they are based on a succession of multiple small actions. The amount of work done by the Real estate hunter after finding the apartment is important and essential.

Another channel for reducing time: legal knowledge and advice that allows you to make the right decisions and not to waste unnecessary time.


Looking for an apartment in Paris when you are not present

La Looking for real estate from abroad or another French city adds an extra layer of complexity. The Paris market Since there is a low supply of quality apartments, it is not possible to schedule a series of visits to apartments from abroad, to go to Paris and to acquire one. Most of the time, the apartments visited will not correspond to the demand.

In addition, physical absence makes it difficult to real estate negotiation and rapid decision-making, which is often necessary to conclude a negotiation on the Paris market.

Hire a Real estate hunter seems to be the best solution then. He will do the research work for the buyer, negotiate for him remotely and set up the ideal conditions to make an acquisition for the buyer who is not present.

Be accompanied by a real estate hunter in Paris to buy an apartment

The The Parisian real estate market is a complex financial market that it is impossible to understand in depth if you do not practice it regularly. This will not prevent a buyer from finding the apartment he wants and from carrying out the transaction in good conditions. However, some buyers want to optimize their real estate acquisition by being accompanied by an advisor who will be exclusively at their service. On the residential real estate market, only the real estate hunters offer this service. The expected results are multiple:

  • surround yourself with rigorous and experienced actors (mortgage brokers, notaries, architects, contractors, etc.)
  • have access to as much of the market as possible: apartments, houses, lofts put on sale, including “off market” properties
  • optimize negotiation by considerably increasing the amount of information to which the buyer will have access (marketing time, relevant and documented sales price references, knowledge of the habits of real estate agents and sellers, accurate and effective drafting of a purchase offer, etc.)
  • significantly limit the time spent on research and the buying process
  • find the property that perfectly matches the demand

In conclusion: real estate hunter in Paris or not?

For the buyers who like to manage their investments themselves even if it means devoting a lot of time to it, the option ofHiring a real estate hunter is not relevant.

On the other hand, if you want to save your time, return theBuying a pleasant property, optimize your acquisition, find the property that perfectly matches your wishes, the services offered by real estate hunters in Paris correspond to your expectations.

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